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Our Benefactors

The following individuals and organizations have contributed much needed startup funds to the Association. On behalf of the Board of Directors and members of the Professional Association of Nurse Travelers, we thank you for your generosity, friendship and faith in the mission we are undertaking.

Individual Supporters:

The following individuals have invested in the future of the association by making financial or in kind gifts with no strings attached.

  • Phil Light, RN
  • David Whitesell, RN
  • Joseph Smith, EA, RRT
  • Pennie Gomez, RN
  • Deborah Straus, RN
  • Peter Mentz, RN

Lifetime Members:

The following members have made a substantial commitment to the Association with this level of membership. Thank You!

  • Tav Huffman, RN

  • Sharon McLaughlin, RN

  • Arlene Squires, RN

  • Bruce Macnee, RN

  • Karen Grover, RN

  • P. Cary, RN

  • Cathryn Wilks, RN

  • Epstein LaRue, RN, BS (Author of Highway Hypodermics)

  • Lori Campbell, RN

  • Christy Warner, RN

  • Duane & Thais Johnson, RNs

  • Laura Smith, RN

  • Dave Leavitt, RN

  • Amber Barna, RN

  • Linda M Hamilton, RN

  • Julia McCarthy, RN

  • Jenny Hellmann, RN

  • Penny Tuzo, RN

  • Pstty Gauthier, RN 

  • Alan Alabata, RDCS,RDMS, RT(R), BS

  • Irene Jervis, RN

  • Vlynn Reed, RN

Sponsoring Members:

The following individuals have made a choice to support the Professional Association of Nurse Travelers by making an additional financial contribution. It is much appreciated and all financial support will be put to good use.

  • Samuel Wilkinson, RN

  • Renee Stabile , RN

  • Linda Hamilton, RN

  • Bonnie Kavanagh, RN

  • Marthile Goldman, RN

  • Mandy Poppen, RN

  • Linda Belkas, RN

  • Carol McNickols, RN

  • Catherine Cooper, RN

  • Mary Bennett, RN

  • Angela Allen, RN

  • Karen Rode, RN

  • Julia McCarthy, RN

  • Dawn Bennett, RN

  • Jennifer Dickey, RN

  • Lynn Rieger, RN

Industry Supporters:

With their no-strings donations to PanTravelers, the following agency contributors have demonstrated their interest in a fair and secure climate for healthcare travelers.  Thank you to the following institutional supporters: